I wandered around the Lanchester library,confused. A kind lady had pointed me in that direction after i asked where I could get my enrolment done. I was lost. I looked around the unfamiliar building for any sign at all that said something about enrolment or new students,there was none in sight. The weather that day ruined my shoes,and really,I blame myself for the mistake because my dad called earlier to inform me about how bad it would rain,and suggested that I put on a pair of wellies in place of my regular shoes. I didn’t listen. First day of uni, who would want to be caught dead in a pair of wellies. In Nigeria,no one bothers with Wellington boots no matter how hard it pours;I was new to the United Kingdom,I didn’t know I had to wear shoes suitable enough for the weather.
‘Shoot’ I cried,as I nearly tripped. ‘Careful dear’ said a guy wearing a green t-shirt with ‘student ambassador’ boldly printed in front. ‘Is there any problem?’ He asked. I explained how I was trying to get myself enrolled. He smiled and I noticed how perfect his dentition was. I smiled back. He was sexy and yes,I liked him. He walked me to the student centre which was just behind the library,in fact,the sign was right in front of the library,i just didn’t notice. He then got me on the queue for international students to get enrolled and left. I didn’t get his number. Uggh!! Anyway…
After about an hour,I was done and I began to roam. My people say for you to get accustomed to a new environment,you need to get lost first. It had stopped raining, so I decided to get myself lost. ‘Man, coventry is ancient and lovely’ I thought to myself as I walked past the statue of lady Godiva at the city centre. I wanted to be everywhere at once. The cathedral,all the school buildings,the hub, coventry market(I didn’t even know where the market was,I just heard two women talking about it),I just wanted to see it all.



I strutted around with so much excitement. Beautiful uni,lovely serene environment. Perfect for learning, i thought to myself. I wandered for about two hours and went over to the hub to cool off. I was happy,excited,all I could think of was how awesome the coming months would be.
Ahhhhh, I almost forgot to tell you about the clubs. Man,the first club I went was off the hook! All work and no play is what they say eh? Well… Iglu has helped ease my tension over the past few months.



It’s been seven months,and I have met the most amazing members of staff, I have come to understand that there can be unity in diversity,I have come to accept people from other backgrounds as equal. I’ve had fun,I’ve learnt,I’ve met amazing people,made amazing friends,and not for once have I thought to myself ‘oh why did I even pick this uni?’

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